Poly Cotton 101 & All its Attributes!

Poly cotton is a blend of both cotton and polyester fabrics. It’s a combination of the best of both fabrics to make one incredibly versatile fabric that has a wide range of uses. A typical poly cotton blend will consist of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, but the blend can go up in ratio to 50/50.
Thin, 100% cotton fabric is cool and breathable, but it wears out quickly due to the thinness of the fabric. As the thickness of cotton fabric increases for durability, the breathability decreases.
A poly cotton fabric blend is lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal fabric for summer clothing. The blended fabric also holds up to wear and laundering much better than 100% cotton fabric.
Poly cotton fabric has a small amount of stretchability in it, giving it another good attribute for using in active wear worn in the summer.
This fabric will stretch just enough so that it can be coaxed into position during garment or craft making without losing its shape.
Poly cotton is also a durable fabric blend that comes in all colors. Ideal for creating office attire, active wear, formal wear and all types of home decor. This versatile fabric can take you from the office, to the beach, to the party, then back home for sweet dreams under a poly cotton duvet.

Your options with Poly Cotton are endless!  Clothing, shirts, foundation garments, bed spreads, window shades, pillow cases, wash cloths, hankerchiefs, and much more. Don’t be limited by your imagination!

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