Striped Polycotton Jack Skellington Dress

Striped Polycotton Jack Skellington Dress

Striped Polycotton Jack Skellington Dress

Its creepy and its spooky and all together classy and mysterious! These dresses are to die for and are all the rage for the Halloween season. They are also, easier to make than you might think. There are several advantages to make your own costumes. You insure that they fit properly and by making them yourself you can embellish them to fit your preferences. The dress in this picture is our Jack Skellington themed dress. Make one for yourself then a matching vest with bowtie for your date. These dresses are perfect for parties, plays, employee costumes, and creepy themed events!

This Victorian beauty is made from our Poly Cotton 1/8” Small Striped Fabric. It is a gorgeous black and white pinstripe material that is 70% polyester and 30% cotton. This non-stretch fabric has a width 58”/59”. It is machine washable and made from the highest quality fabric of its kind on the market. This material is light weight and comfortable. It holds its shape and will not wilt or fall limp. It is a dream to work with and provides a very dramatic look for any dress or costume. Have the look of a professional costume but at a fraction of the cost when you make it yourself!

This material is sold by the yard or in continuous yards for as many dresses as you wish to make. In addition to this dress you can also use this fabric to make wonderful accessories to match such as drawstring purses, head bands or hats, and shawls.

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1/8" Striped Polycotton Fabric Black

1/8″ Striped Polycotton Fabric Black

1/8" Striped Polycotton Fabric White

1/8″ Striped Polycotton Fabric White

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