Poly Cotton Stripes For Days

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The striped poly cotton blend fabric is a material ideal for easy care, non-stretch projects and comes printed with a wide variety of colors from black and white stripes to purple and yellow stripes. The stripes also range in widths from two inches to one-eighth inch wide. The fabric itself comes in a width of 58 to 59 inches, allowing plenty of room for whatever project you have in mind. The striped poly cotton blend fabric is ideal for any project from clothing to bed spreads. It can even be used to make window shades or washcloths. With the poly cotton blend being relatively low maintenance and easy to use, you are limited only by your imagination as to what you can create with this material. Whether your intended project is a nice tablecloth, a new set of pillowcases, or some new clothes for yourself or your kids, this material provides versatility to fill any of these roles while the striped pattern provides eye-catching appeal. Even if you don’t have a specific project in mind, but are looking for something to start working on, the vibrant striped patterns in this poly cotton blend fabric may just be the inspiration you need. With prices around only $3.40/yard or less, you could even safely experiment with this fabric just for fun, without worrying about it putting too big of a dent in your craft budget.

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poly cotton stripped fabric

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Poly Cotton For Your Year Round Crafts

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Poly cotton fabric is made from two materials; cotton and polyester. The fabric is manufactured in different ratios. Common rations are 65% polyester and 36% cotton. BigZ Fabric has bandana print fabric with a paisley print design in several different colors.

It is on sale at $3.40 per yard, usually $3.99. We have it in different colors such as baby blue, black, navy blue, pink, red, royal blue, turquoise, white, and yellow. One of the best attributes of poly cotton? It is so lightweight!

Poly cotton fabric can be washed often and does not shrink the same way cotton would. It is designed for heavy use, and is a popular choice for athletic wear. Another perk to this fabric is its low price!

You can design quilts, bags, aprons, wall hangings, curtains, totes, and table runners using this durable material. When making quilts, they can be washed more often with less wear. The bandana paisley print makes a decorative pattern for quilting project.
The bandana paisley print is also appropriate for all seasons making it a versatile material to use. Not sure of it is for you? Order a sample for only $1!

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Poly Cotton Bandana Fabric

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The Finest Poly Cotton

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If you are looking for high quality poly cotton fabrics in an array of styles and colors, go to BigZ Fabrics for a durable, heavy duty product to complete any project. We have a wide selection of cottons and poly cottons along with sequins, chiffon, lace, flannel and suede. Our licensed items include several varieties of fleece and cotton and they have wholesale pricing options so you can decide whether you want to buy by the roll or bolt. Our clients range from businesses and manufacturers to households like yours.

The experience of the staff ensures customers receive the finest quality product. When you visit our site, you will notice the fair pricing and ease of ordering. The fabric descriptions are written in detail with pictures of completed designs. We provide samples at an affordable cost so you can be sure you have made the right fabric choice. Enjoy browsing through the many varieties and styles of fabric on their convenient website no matter where you are. Ordering is easy and we are always ready to help if you are looking for specialty or clearance items.

BigZ Fabrics is the website to visit for the finest poly cotton fabrics on the market. We are always getting new arrivals and you can also buy wholesale. Our convenient ordering and excellent customer service make shopping for fabric a pleasure. Visit bigzfabric.com for all your fabric needs.

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Polka Dot Bellflower Poly Cotton

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