Getting the Most Out of a Poly Cotton Print

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Poly cotton is one of the most popular fabric choices when it comes DIY projects. Poly Cotton Printed Fabric Holiday Christmas sells for only $3.40 per yard, its hard to beat! Below are some things to consider when using poly cotton as your fabric of choice for your upcoming holiday projects and household DIYs.

It is important to note that poly cotton provides little stretch and it consists of roughly 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Poly cotton is widely known for its simplicity to use and versatility.

This specific print is perfect to prepare your home for the holiday festivities you will find yourself in. What about a nice, comfy bedspread or decorative window shades? Order your $1 sample today to test out the waters!
Christmas poly cotton
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Fun DIY Projects Available With Poly Cotton

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Poly cotton provides the durability of two fabrics. That’s right; poly cotton combines polyester and cotton. The all-natutal fibers will allow you to enjoy tear resistant material, breathable fabric, and organic fibers. Poly cotton also gives your clothes elasticity. A low wash cycle with cold water can help reduce shrinking. Best of all, it’s a fun durable material for sewing. Choose from many basic colors, custom shades, and print patterns. The following is a list of creative DIY projects that you can make with poly cotton.

Simple DIY Poly Cotton Project Ideas

Tote Bag
Since poly cotton is a summer fabric, a tote bag is a simple beginner’s DIY idea. You can choose from many colors to customize your tote bag project. Plus, it will be easy to wash. The poly cotton material is durable and perfect for a backpack.

Kids Summer Shirt
If you’re a more experienced seamstress, making a shirt for your little one with poly cotton can be fun. You can find many patterns that will give you endless ideas for a summer shirt. Poly cotton gives you the freedom of being creative with many DIY sewing projects.

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poly cotton vegetable printed

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Add Colors & Prints To Your Dinning Room!

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Add a splash of color to your dining table by making a table runner with this beautiful red-and-white chiffon print fabric. The process is so simple that you can easily have it done in just a few minutes.

Start by measuring across your dining room table and cut the fabric so that it barely hangs off the ends of the table about four inches. You can also opt to cut the fabric in half if you have a smaller table. Then, fold under 1/4 inch around the edges. Iron the fold in place before repeating the process again. Use your sewing machine to sew the hem in place. After sewing, iron it one more time so that you have a nice crisp seam. Lay it across your dining room table as it is sure to impress all your friends.

Also impress them with the low price! You simply can’t beat $3.40 per yard. You can even make extras for your loved ones! You may also want to place a beautiful centerpiece in the middle of your table to add even a more decorative touch.

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orange chevron runner

chevron runner


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