Stand out with Zig Zags!

Poly Cotton Fabric .4″ Zig Zag Chevron is a great option for bedspreads, washcloths, and clothing. With the holidays coming up, monogrammed washcloths would make ideal stocking stuffers. Or create a colorful bedspread or sheet! It will certainly brighten the room. With six colors to choose from, you can go for a bright and bold look with Red or Turquoise or a more traditional option like Black or Gray.

Because this cloth features zig zags that are only .4 inches wide, this cloth will look amazing on smaller pieces as well! So go ahead and create that throw pillow or that bed set for your child’s favorite doll. It will look proportional and beautiful. This fabric comes in a width of 58/59 inches and is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is available for just $3.40 a yard, with samples costing just $1. So give these zig zags the chance to make your next project stand out!

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poly cotton zig zag

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