Soft Polka Dress

Are you a fan of polka dots and love arts and crafts? Our new ploy Cotton printed fabrics would be a great addition to your DYI projects! This fabric is affordable, and made of high quality materials that can be used to make a variety of household items. Are you asking yourself, what kind of DYI products can we use with your new fabric? It can be used for sewing shirts, pants, bed spreads, window shades, pillow cases, hair scarfs, towels, and many more! You just have to be creative and follow your heart! The product is made from 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton, it has a width of 58″ and 59″. It’s sold in a variety of different yard sizes and has no Stretch. It’s a great idea to do DYI projects with other people, especially if you have children. You can teach them new things and you can bond with them, think of how proud and happy you’re child would be after they helped you create something useful for the house. Using these fabrics are also great for making homemade gifts for your loved ones, or you could even do a project with your partner.

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big polka dot pattern poly cotton

big polka dot cotton fabric


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