Poly Cotton Stripes For Days

The striped poly cotton blend fabric is a material ideal for easy care, non-stretch projects and comes printed with a wide variety of colors from black and white stripes to purple and yellow stripes. The stripes also range in widths from two inches to one-eighth inch wide. The fabric itself comes in a width of 58 to 59 inches, allowing plenty of room for whatever project you have in mind. The striped poly cotton blend fabric is ideal for any project from clothing to bed spreads. It can even be used to make window shades or washcloths. With the poly cotton blend being relatively low maintenance and easy to use, you are limited only by your imagination as to what you can create with this material. Whether your intended project is a nice tablecloth, a new set of pillowcases, or some new clothes for yourself or your kids, this material provides versatility to fill any of these roles while the striped pattern provides eye-catching appeal. Even if you don’t have a specific project in mind, but are looking for something to start working on, the vibrant striped patterns in this poly cotton blend fabric may just be the inspiration you need. With prices around only $3.40/yard or less, you could even safely experiment with this fabric just for fun, without worrying about it putting too big of a dent in your craft budget.

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poly cotton stripped fabric

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