Poly Cotton For Your Year Round Crafts

Poly cotton fabric is made from two materials; cotton and polyester. The fabric is manufactured in different ratios. Common rations are 65% polyester and 36% cotton. BigZ Fabric has bandana print fabric with a paisley print design in several different colors.

It is on sale at $3.40 per yard, usually $3.99. We have it in different colors such as baby blue, black, navy blue, pink, red, royal blue, turquoise, white, and yellow. One of the best attributes of poly cotton? It is so lightweight!

Poly cotton fabric can be washed often and does not shrink the same way cotton would. It is designed for heavy use, and is a popular choice for athletic wear. Another perk to this fabric is its low price!

You can design quilts, bags, aprons, wall hangings, curtains, totes, and table runners using this durable material. When making quilts, they can be washed more often with less wear. The bandana paisley print makes a decorative pattern for quilting project.
The bandana paisley print is also appropriate for all seasons making it a versatile material to use. Not sure of it is for you? Order a sample for only $1!

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Poly Cotton Bandana Fabric

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