Poly Cotton Blend

Big Z Fabrics has a wide variety of products all made out of different types of fabrics. As a family business from Los Angeles, we are extremely popular for our customer service and ability to send and receive any type of fabric to their clientele.

Any customer who works with fabric knows how hard it can be sometimes when you are looking for a specific type of fabric. Here at Big Z Fabric we make it extremely easy for anyone to search for the fabric they need it, buy it and get delivered if you’d like. If you are a client located around the area, by all means you can even stop by our location and get any material you’d like. Sometimes there are clients just looking for cotton, or other types of cotton like poly cotton, suede, spandex, etc. For example poly cotton is known as a type of fabric made out of both polyester and cotton. It is a very thin material however its extremely popular around the world since it is used to make a variety of things like quilts, blankets, shirts, pants, dresses, etc.

At Big Z Fabrics you can also find items like their 100% Cotton Quilt Fabric of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. For as little as $10.99 you can get this amazing sold by the yard quilt which is approximately 58 or 59 inches. It can be bought directly online from the Big Z Fabric website.

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Elvis Poly Cotton blend not licensed

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