Fun DIY Projects Available With Poly Cotton

Poly cotton provides the durability of two fabrics. That’s right; poly cotton combines polyester and cotton. The all-natutal fibers will allow you to enjoy tear resistant material, breathable fabric, and organic fibers. Poly cotton also gives your clothes elasticity. A low wash cycle with cold water can help reduce shrinking. Best of all, it’s a fun durable material for sewing. Choose from many basic colors, custom shades, and print patterns. The following is a list of creative DIY projects that you can make with poly cotton.

Simple DIY Poly Cotton Project Ideas

Tote Bag
Since poly cotton is a summer fabric, a tote bag is a simple beginner’s DIY idea. You can choose from many colors to customize your tote bag project. Plus, it will be easy to wash. The poly cotton material is durable and perfect for a backpack.

Kids Summer Shirt
If you’re a more experienced seamstress, making a shirt for your little one with poly cotton can be fun. You can find many patterns that will give you endless ideas for a summer shirt. Poly cotton gives you the freedom of being creative with many DIY sewing projects.

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