Alexander Henry Skull Print Tablet Cover

Alexander Henry Skull Print Tablet Cover

Alexander Henry Skull Print Tablet Cover

Are you looking for some unique ideas to make a cool and funky tablet cover for yourself? Then you have landed the perfect place as we are going to DIY a cool Tablet cover for you with the amazing skull print cotton by Alexander Henry. This DIY will be focusing on the tech side and for that matter, we will create a tablet cover to keep your electronics safe while transforming it into the perfect fashion accessory. Cotton fabric is used everywhere from dining room chair covers to curtains to jewelry items and gorgeous dresses due to the versatility that it provides. Plus the colors, as well as the strength of the fabric, make it easier to be used in various DIY projects and making a tablet cover is one of them.

DIY Tablet Cover with Alexander Henry Skull Print Cotton

We are going to help you make the funkiest tablet cover using the amazing skull print cotton from Alexander Henry’s amazing printed cotton collection. You would require the following supplies and tools to DIY your own tablet cover:

Supplies needed:
• Cotton Fabric
• Zipper
• Buttons
• Needle
• Thread

Tools Required:
• Sewing Machine
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Seam Ripper
• Pen
• Pins

Alexander Henry Skull Print Cotton

Alexander Henry Skull Print Cotton

How to DIY your own Tablet cover

For the holder’s showing cover, use the skull print fabric to show off your punk style. While using the cotton fleece for cushioning to protect your electronics. Follow the below mentioned steps to DIY your own tablet holder:

1. Measure the sides of your device and cut the cotton by adding two inches all the way around.

2. The next step would be to pin all the four fabrics together where the skull printed cotton will go on the outside. After arranging them in the correct order, sew them together.

3. To create a hem at the top of the holder fold the fabric and pin it. Finally, sew it for a finished look.

4. For the closure, make two rectangular flaps by sewing the fabric together and cutting a hole for the buttons at their ends. Sew the flaps on one side of the holder and attach the buttons to the opposite one using thread and a needle.

You have created the perfect tablet holder with the Alexander Henry Skull-print cotton. You can also go for your choice of the prints from his collection on Big Z.

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