Poly Cotton 101 & All its Attributes!

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Poly cotton is a blend of both cotton and polyester fabrics. It’s a combination of the best of both fabrics to make one incredibly versatile fabric that has a wide range of uses. A typical poly cotton blend will consist of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, but the blend can go up in ratio to 50/50.
Thin, 100% cotton fabric is cool and breathable, but it wears out quickly due to the thinness of the fabric. As the thickness of cotton fabric increases for durability, the breathability decreases.
A poly cotton fabric blend is lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal fabric for summer clothing. The blended fabric also holds up to wear and laundering much better than 100% cotton fabric.
Poly cotton fabric has a small amount of stretchability in it, giving it another good attribute for using in active wear worn in the summer.
This fabric will stretch just enough so that it can be coaxed into position during garment or craft making without losing its shape.
Poly cotton is also a durable fabric blend that comes in all colors. Ideal for creating office attire, active wear, formal wear and all types of home decor. This versatile fabric can take you from the office, to the beach, to the party, then back home for sweet dreams under a poly cotton duvet.

Your options with Poly Cotton are endless!  Clothing, shirts, foundation garments, bed spreads, window shades, pillow cases, wash cloths, hankerchiefs, and much more. Don’t be limited by your imagination!

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solid poly cotton fabric

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Dress Up Your Pup!

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This Mini Flower Poly Cotton Print is the perfect fabric for making your dog an adorable bandanna. It’s durable and washable, two qualities that are necessary for any dog accessory. It is also lightweight, which is perfect for your pet’s day to activity. The lightness that comes with poly cotton fabrics is ideal to ensure pets do not feel restrained by it. At $3.40 per yard, why not you can make a bandanna for every day of the week? Here’s how:
First, cut the fabric into a square. The size of your pup determines the size of the square. (Small: 14×14”, Medium: 16×16”, Large: 22×22”, X Large: 26×26”) Fold the square into a triangle with the right sides in and the edges lined up. Sew around the cut edges with a ¼” seam allowance. Be sure to leave a hand-sized opening. After you’ve sewn the seems together, cut the extra fabric from the corners before turning right side out. For a polished look, iron the open seem so that the fabric is straight and lines up nicely. Sew the opening shut.

Choose blue, pink, or purple…or all three, for a complete bandanna collection for your pup. Be sure to share a picture with us!

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floral dog bandana

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Striped Shirts Bring Color to your Wardrobe!

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This Poly Cotton Stripe Fabric is great for sewing a new shirt! You can choose between 2″, 1″, ½” and 1/8″ wide stripes, so you can pick a look that will match the occasion. Or choose the smaller stripes if you are making a shirt for a child. The color choice leaves plenty of room for expression, as there are 21 options to choose from. A little boy might like the black and red stripes, while the more subdued pink and white option might be an excellent choice for a women’s office shirt. Banana yellow, pale blue, and lime green represent just a fraction of the available options. Let this fabric bring some color into your life!

With so many options regarding stripe size and color, this fabric has something for every age. Dare to create some of the staple clothing you rely on with this perfect shirt-making fabric! You can get this exciting cloth for $3.40 per yard, and as always you can order a $1 sample if you’d like to get a better feel for the possibilities this fabric has to offer.

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poly cotton striped fabric

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