Snoopy Christmas Cotton Fabric

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Snoopy Christmas Cotton Fabric

Snoopy Christmas Cotton Fabric

The adorable Snoopy is back again this Christmas, just in time for a snowy, Snoopy Christmas. Big Z joins in the celebration with its Christmas cotton fabric, now available on the market with lovable Snoopy prints. This is an excellent Christmas print to accentuate the home this season.

Made from 100% licensed Cotton, this top of the line fabric is available only at Big Z Fabric. Unrivaled by any other similar holiday print fabric, it features an image of Snoopy in Christmas wear and roller skates pictured on a blue background.

This no stretch, soft Snoopy Christmas Cotton Fabric is perfect for the holiday season. It’s a very light and colorful fabric. When stitched in clothing, it is very loose so you need not worry about feeling uptight. Additionally, the cloth has a width of 45 inches and each print comes with its own unique design making it one of our top sellers in 100% Cotton.

Snoopy Christmas Cotton Fabric is quite ideal for designing a variety of holiday products. It also has additional uses, which range from making clothing and accessories such as shirts, foundation garments and handkerchiefs to household items such as bed spreads, window shades, pillow cases and wash cloths. The fabric is sold and shipped by the yard in continuous yards.

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