Benartex Cotton Fabric Collection

Benartex Cotton Collection

Benartex Cotton Collection

Here, you will find top of the line Benartex Cotton Fabrics, a beautiful piece of fabric unrivaled by any other. Made up of 100% cotton, the texture in this material is very light. In addition, the cloth has a width of 45″ and is available in a variety of prints that each feature its own unique design. One of the top sellers in 100% Cotton fabric, the design options include love birds valentine hearts pink/red, healing hearts pink/black, girls rock sweethearts white, love heart marzipan collage, love heart feeling groovy, love heart floral valentine, love heart stripes and many other prints featuring the Valentine’s Day theme, stripes, animals and much more.

This material is suitable for making clothing, shirts, foundation garments, bed spreads, window shades, pillow cases, wash cloths, handkerchiefs, and more. When stitched in clothing, the printed cotton fabric is very loose so it doesn’t feel stiff when worn. With this wide collection, Big Z Fabric is living up to its slogan, our “fabric meets your lifestyle,” and providing a truly unique experience for shoppers.

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