Astral Works Alexander Henry Cotton Fabric

Astral Works Alexander Henry Cotton Fabric

Astral Works Alexander Henry Cotton Fabric

Find your sign in Alexander Henry’s collection of astrology cotton fabric! Are you an Aries? Maybe you’re a Leo. Whether you’re looking for a fabric that depicts Gemini, Scorpio, Pisces or Aquarius, there’s definitely something for you to get from the studio’s fabric collection.

Featuring all 12 astrology signs, Alexander Henry’s astrology cotton fabric is perfect for quilting, handbags, drapes and pot holders. This fabric is 100% cotton and delivered in a zip-lock bag for maximum protection.

Do you love looking at the stars and the moon? Alexander Henry has a collection of celestial space cotton fabric for you to pick from. Get your own planetarium in the form of celestial space cotton fabrics from Alexander Henry.

Alexander Henry’s cotton fabric collection is not only known for its unique charm, but also for the comfort that it brings. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin. This fabric is also tough and resistant to moths. Even after many washes, the fabric will not be torn.

Alexander Henry has been in business for more than 30 years. As a premier fabric design house, the studio manufactures a collection of licensed cotton fabric that delivers durability, creativity and quality. Every collection depicts a certain theme that promotes runway fashion, culture and the history of art. The studio also offers exclusive print development for those who want a unique fabric for their craft.

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