Alexander Henry’s Zen Charmer Dress

Zen Charmer Dress

Zen Charmer Dress

Anything extraordinary captures the eye.

Step out of normality and explore how vibrant the world is.

For anything unexpected, expect awestruck expressions.

We see all types of people around us, some are well dressed, and some are in their shabby conditions. Some are stylish; other’s choice in clothes is bitter to the eyes. We find ordinary colors and mundane prints in every dress, every attire. Ever wondered why the weekly fashion shows instantly become talk-of-the-town? Or why a particular model stands out in the rest because of the astonishing tiara that she was wearing? When such events can make a mark, why be the ordinary? Why fit in when we can easily stand out?

It’s time that we step out of the ordinary and wear outfits and dresses that follow every eye as you walk down the street. No, I’m not being sarcastic; I’m saying this in the most optimistic way possible. It’s time we dress up in the most beautiful colors and the trendiest prints that the world has ever seen; it’s time that we switch our prosaic designers to the ever so glorious collection by Alexander Henry Fabrics.

I can practically see your dubious mind wondering what is so special about these anyway. Well, the answer is so definite. Alexander Henry Fabrics is a premier textile designing house producing original cotton prints. This collection is inspired by art history, runway fashion, and the culture at large. Their Zen Charmer print is embraced with ideas that beautifully inspire the mind and stand out in our boring wardrobe. Located in Burbank, California, Alexander Henry works with a diverse group of highly motivated manufacturers spanning the accessories, garments and home furnishing industries. A group of designers is at the core of designing who deserve all the appreciation and credit for initiating such an exceptional idea that surely has made its mark in the fashion industry.

Zen Charmer Cotton Fabric By Alexander Henry

Zen Charmer Cotton Fabric By Alexander Henry

The best part about this collection and the whole system altogether is that they sell in yards; meaning you buy the loose material and you’re free to utilize it in any way that you desire. Whether you wish to make out a nice casual dress out of it for a tea party in the coming week, or set the material on a handbag to match with the trendy pair of shoes you just brought, it is honestly your choice. The female mind is at work while deciding what to do (wow ladies). A customer reviewed on the Alexander Henry Fabrics website that ‘she was satisfied with the quality of material and she made an apron out of it.’ (Pretty impressive idea) Also, another woman commented ‘The picture doesn’t do justice to the actual product, the latter being so much better.’ This clearly defines the wide range of satisfied customers all around the globe.

Our Zen Charmer cotton fabric has a width of 45 inches and is sold by the yard. Call now to order at 213-745-BIGZ (2449)

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